Campfire Soap 

Usher in the aroma of adventure into every bath with the innovative campfire soap.

If you are an outdoorsy type, you might wish to spend every weekend of your life camping.

But that may not always be possible due to weather conditions and the demands of city life.

Here is an ingenious way to keep the scent of adventure around you always as you wait for the next opportunity.

It features a distinctive scent, reminiscent of smoke drifting through a forest canopy.

Campfire Soap

Campfire Soap

Combining a host of essential oils to achieve that objective makes it as true to nature as possible. Everything about it is actually drawn from nature and it has no preservatives or harsh chemicals.

Campfire Soap

The natural butter and oil make it perfect for every part of the body. With an extremely creamy lather and conditioning properties, this soap is matchless.

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