Retractable Keychain Glasses

Always have your vision at a 100% with these Retractable Keychain Glasses. Designed to constantly be with you, these glasses retract into a handy case you can use as a keychain.

The flexible glasses collapse to fit into a keychain case. When taken out, they unfold into two optical-grade polycarbonate lenses bound by titanium alloy.

Although these glasses don’t have temples, they can still comfortably sit on your nose.  Independent-suspension nose pads allow the glasses to firmly sit on your nose.

The glasses are available in four magnifications: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5. They are as thin as two credit cards but are built to last. 

This a great gadget for people for want to have reading glasses on them at all times. Especially if you hate bulky cases for glasses that never fit anywhere.

Retractable Keychain Glasses

Retractable Keychain Glasses

Well, now you just need to reach for your keys and you’ll be ready to read. 

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