25 Christmas Door Decorations to Create a Joyful First Impression

Christmas celebrations are synonymous with festive decorations that amp up the vibes. One thing you can do is explore Christmas door decorations, better known as Christmas wreaths.

christmas door decorations
Christmas Door Decorations

You can look for DIY door decoration ideas by creating wreaths from evergreen branches and faux pine garlands. Next, deck them out with ribbons and iconic Christmas ornaments, like ribbons and golden balls.

If you want to discover more about Christmas door swags, we’ve got some of the best ones below for you to explore.

School Christmas Door Decorations

As Christmas is approaching, schools usually compete to beautify their classrooms, including school doors! Hence, we’ve got some Christmas door swags that you can take inspiration from to make the festive season come to life in your school.

1. Snowman Door Decor

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

Decorating the school door doesn’t have to be all fancy and complicated.

You can start simply with colorful cardboard to create a snowman character. The paper can also be used to make ornaments like a star on the Christmas tree

For this one, choose a yellow tone. Then, get ready with green Christmas tinsel garlands to form the pattern of a Christmas tree. But first, make sure you’ve already outlined the pattern on the door covered with paper to make sticking easier.

2. Merry Christmas Entry

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Kimberly West)

If people like you are into all things Christmas with bright red and green vibes, this Merry Christmas entry will be your absolute favorite.

But, you’ll need some extra creativity and paper-folding skills because the star ornaments are made of cardboard or origami paper. 

Instead of going all green, add a touch of orange and yellow to the center of the stars to liven up the decor. And don’t forget the extra touch—Santa-like three-dimensional gift bags made with red fabric that looks surreal.

3. Glittering School Front

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest

Even though it takes extra energy and effort from the team to create this glittering school front design, we believe it will be all worth it.

You can feel the strong Christmas vibes when you see this beautiful decoration. 

As a first step, we think you can design it in a book so that execution becomes easier. Then, grab some colorful paper for decorations around it. For the foundation, use flattened cardboard boxes to make use of waste.

And, oh, don’t forget about string lights!

4. Frosty Festive Frame

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Erin Buser)

Want to bring the frosty vibes into your school? Try out this snowflake door decoration.

The snow on its roof is made of cotton balls arranged to look natural. Meanwhile, other Christmas accents, like a Christmas tree, garlands, and even a snowman, also make a feature in this scene. 

For the snowflakes, you can make them from white cardboard or simply buy the ornaments and stick them to the door.

To add a winter touch, throw in some blue lights shining from below to illuminate the door.

5. Grinchmas Portal

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Katie Stutts)

This design is infused with humor, thanks to the Grinch! It shows that he wants to steal the Christmas tree by disguising himself as Santa Claus.

We love the gesture of the tree that looks tilted because of the Grinch’s pull. 

You can make it from green paper rolls, while the ornaments of the tree are made of red paper. Then, try to create the words “Merry Grinchmas” following the pattern of the tree and the Grinch for a unique touch.

6. Santa’s Workshop Gate

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Megan Collection)

Imagine strolling through the school and stumbling upon this jaw-dropping Christmas door art! It’s like a Santa sleigh but with a hilarious twist.

Instead of regular reindeer heads, picture the faces of students. 

The deep blue background gives off a midnight vibe as if Santa is sneaking into houses to drop off gifts for kids. We suggest adding snowflake door decorations as a sweet touch.

7. Polar Express Gateway

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Carrie Bravo)

Right here, check out this school Christmas door that’s been magically turned into the famous Polar Express train, taking you on a journey to a winter wonderland. The blue background looks like a sky with fluffy cotton clouds, giving it that enchanting vibe. 

The best part is, that creating the rain doesn’t require a ton of props. You just need different kinds of paper and fabric to design the Polar Express.

To make it easier, sketch out the design on paper first before sticking all the decorations onto the door.

DIY Christmas Door Decorations

Wondering how to make over your porch area to welcome Christmas?

We bet you can start with the door! And for a very good reason, we’ve got DIY door decoration ideas that include rustic door décor, reindeer door hangings, and many more to check out below!

8. Sparkling Holiday Door

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Prada & Pearls)

In our opinion, this sparkling holiday door décor is super easy to make yet will elevate your outdoor area, making it more inviting.

Flanking the entrance are two small potted Christmas trees that look beautiful with a wrap of string lights, offering a cozier atmosphere around. 

You can deck out faux garlands on the door frame to provide an extra layer of Yuletide charm to the setting. And stealing the spotlight is the wreath, hanging on the front door like the crown jewel as if the door is a portal to a fairy tale.

9. Whimsical Home Gate

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@LTK)

In case you don’t have much time to decorate your house front and door for Xmas, worry not. This idea will help you make it over the door without much effort. 

It basically features a minimalist evergreen wreath with a touch of trailing red ribbon as an additional accent against the greenery.

To avoid it looking too plain, add potted plants or Christmas trees around the door, throw in some lights, and place a deer-printed mat.

10. Gleeful Gateway Decor

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Ashley – Modern Glam)

Whenever you see this, the thing that pops up in your mind is the serene atmosphere resonating around this space. And the best thing is, you can make it yourself at home! 
An evergreen wreath, as the icon of this setting, is all you need! Then, decorate it with dangling red ribbons or golden balls. Next, add garlands wrapped with soft, glamorous lights to infuse cozy vibes.

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11. Jolly Jingle Joy Door

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@LTK)

Anyone who loves simple door decor but still wants to keep the festive feeling will surely adore this jolly jingle joy design.

It features garlands that beautifully drape the front door frame with large golden balls and ribbons of similar hues, creating an eye-catching sight.

The faux pine wreath also looks simple yet becomes the center of attention on the door. You can introduce string lights around it or pine cones as additional accents.

12. Twinkling Front Door

christmas door decorations
Suurce: Pinterest (@CoffeeEcstasy)

Getting tired of garlands? No worries.

You can get creative with a more minimalist design, perfect for those busy folks, just like this décor. Start by choosing fairy lights that suit your taste and arrange them on the door frame.

Although the picture doesn’t show a wreath, we feel it’s necessary so the look doesn’t seem too plain.

Opt for one with faux pine and pine cones to match your minimalist décor. Add potted Christmas trees around, and voila!

13. Indoor Glow Entryway

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@JessicaLopez)

Unlike the previous collection, this Christmas decor design offers you the option for both indoor and outdoor vibes.

If you’re going indoors, spice up the wall around the door with faux garlands to keep things festive without the dampness. 

Then, throw in some golden balls, stars, and string lights to amp up the mood. Opt for stars hanging down for that cool floating effect. Now, if you’re leaning towards the great outdoors, keep it minimalist so your decorations stay solid despite the weather.

Outdoor Christmas Door Decorations

Besides DIY projects, we also recommend decorating your outdoor door because it deserves to look stunning during this joyful Xmas celebration.

We’ve prepared some winter door themes with various designs that will stun you below!

14. Tree-Inspired Christmas Entry

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@The Spruce)

The first time we stumbled upon this design, we immediately thought of Narnia. It’s unique, with plants that seem to climb and beautifully cover the gate.

Unlike other Christmas door decorations that go for golden balls or ribbons, this one uses pine cones and apples to add colors against the greenery. 

Even though it’s not exactly a door, it’s worth including on the list, especially if you have a small porch and no clue how to decorate the area.

15. Neat Home Front

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest

Some people aren’t into overly flashy Christmas door decorations. They prefer keeping it simple with the essence of Christmas joy.

If you’re one of those folks, this idea is right up your alley. It boasts a sizable wreath made of faux shrub leaves and tiny blooms, with a stunning gold ribbon attached around the bottom circle. 

But wait, there’s more! You can amp up the greenery game by arranging faux climbing plants on the door frame and having two potted circular-shaped shrubs as the green guardians.

16. Simple Merry Hallway

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@SHEIN)

It’s a simple way to infuse a red tone into the scene for those who don’t dig bright shades but still want to catch those Christmas vibes. 

The evergreen wreath looks enchanting with the touch of red-and-black checkered ribbon and golden ornaments dangling down, giving it a magical vibe. What’s unique here is, there are two DIY wooden deer heads and bodies connected with brown aluminum.

How cool is that!

17. Joyful Door Delight

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Grandin Road)

While the previous design is for those who aren’t into red but still want a hint of it, this joyful door delight is for the red enthusiasts craving to vividly ignite the Christmas festivity.

Nevertheless, we think it’s pretty easy to set up. 

You just need to arrange some gift-wrapped boxes and stack them up. For the door, simply throw in a wreath with a medium-sized red bow and greenery around the door frame. Easy peasy!

18. Frosty Glow Frame

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Katerina Jankowski)

You know Christmas hits in late December, coinciding with winter and the first snowfall. Seize the moment to create an exquisite and serene Christmas door decoration with this frosty glow frame idea. 

For the door itself, you can paint it blue like in the picture or even a deep red. After that, hang an evergreen wreath that you’ve decked out with tiny faux blooms.

If you want to kick it up a notch, throw in some twinkling star-shaped lights on the ceilings!

19. Simple Door Arrangement

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@One Kindesign)

Wreaths are indeed a trademark of Christmas door decorations.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to include it in your space. Those who are tired of wreaths can try decorating their door with garlands. 

Opt for faux ones because they’ll withstand the chilly December weather without wilting. Add a touch of red with ribbons or red blooms that you stick on the garlands. Next, arrange it on the upper frame of the door as a welcome sign.

Classroom Christmas Door Decorations

Show off your creativity and rally your pals as students by decorating classroom doors before Christmas and the school holidays roll in!

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve curated some winter door themes you can get inspired by in the following section.

20. Cheerful Christmas Candy Door

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Sibelle Sanchez)

Similar to the first category, this one also decorates the school door before Christmas. But, it’s specifically for the classroom door.

It would be a shame to leave it empty, so you guys better add some typical Christmas ornaments, like these pretty candies. 

They are easy to craft from paper and then filled with paper cutouts to give a three-dimensional effect. Also, decorate the door frame with red and white stripes to make it even more eye-catching.

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21. Gingerbread Gate Design

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Leigh Anne Gray)

Apart from creating Christmas trinkets and turning them into festive season characters for your classroom door, you can also do some simple things to jazz up the entryway.

While time is ticking away, you can choose to personalize stickers with your favorite characters and those of your friends, then stick them to the door, just like this idea. 

There are plenty of elements here, ranging from gingerbread as the icon, and snowflakes, to other items with eye-catching colors. If you want to light up the space a bit, you can add string lights to the frame.

22. Holly Jolly Doorway

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Janelle Collection)

Spice up your classroom door with this amazing holly jolly doorway design. It takes a lot of creativity to make it, envisioning a Christmas house bursting with colorful shades to brighten up the festive season. 

Instead of gingerbread, you can create inspired items like candies with various colors and shapes from paper to stick to the area.

Make sure to include red, green, and brown for the ultimate Christmas palette.

23. Sleeping Snoopy Door

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Who agrees that this sleeping Snoopy decor idea is one of the easiest things you can try, even with just three people? It totally is!

Start by sketching the design on paper, then execute it by arranging cotton at the bottom of the door to form clouds. 

Next, create a house from red paper with Snoopy sleeping on top. Don’t forget to include star-shaped or snowflake paper crafts to represent the sky. To make it more lively, add string lights near Snoopy.

24. Native Christmas Entrance

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Kimberly West)

To honor your ancestors in this Xmas celebration, try highlighting a theme related to native people, like this example. It features a woman in captivating native attire.

Meanwhile, the red flowers surrounding her match with her clothes, making the atmosphere more vibrant and lively. 

The door also looks classic with wooden decorations and flower accents on top.

You can add gold stars against a black backdrop to make them stand out.

25. Gingerbread House Greetings

christmas door decorations
Source: Pinterest (@Martha Bryan)

Here’s another gingerbread theme to treat you with its adorable design! But it’s a tad different from the one we talked about earlier.

It showcases a design that truly resembles a house made of cookies, with chocolate hues and candy-like embellishments that make it look vibrant. 

We also love the fact that two gingerbread figures look real as if they’re the residents of the house.

Imagine going to school and being greeted with this kind of masterpiece—awesome!

Final Thought

We can’t deny that Christmas door decorations bring a magical vibe to welcome the arrival of Christmas. It gives warmth despite the cold season falling in sync with the most beautiful time of the year, resonating with the holiday spirit. 

To enhance your door décor project, you can add twinkling lights, personalized touches, and your preferred colors. But, we recommend not ditching the red because it’s a trademark of Xmas

After all, these decorations can be a way to pour your creativity into the festive season!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the names of Christmas decorations?

Christmas decorations come in a diversity of styles and names. When it comes to door decorating, you can spice up your doorway with Christmas door frame decor. You can use some names for Christmas door decorations, like holiday door wreaths, front door garlands, and lighter door decorations to offer a festive touch. 

If you wish to have a more personalized design or wish to have creative door decorating ideas, handmade door ornaments will bring unique charm.

What are the traditional Christmas decorations for houses?

Traditional Christmas door decorations for houses include festive door hangings, infusing a touch of merriment. People who love this theme also opt for Christmas door frame decor with holiday door wreaths and twinkling lighted door decorations for additional charm. 

Some also prefer handmade door ornaments, like front door garlands, that give a personal statement that evokes the spirit of the festive season.

Why decorate Christmas lights?

Decorating your door or outdoor area with Christmas lights will add a touch of magic to the holiday season!

You can explore creative door decorating ideas with festive door hangings and add the shimmering glow of elegant Christmas door designs. The combination of outdoor Christmas decor will give off cozy and serene vibes all around.

Why are Christmas decorations red?

Christmas decorations generally feature the color red because this color has become characteristic of the celebration. Besides, it symbolizes festivity, warmth, and the joyous spirit during the holiday season. 

You can feature these colors for outdoor Christmas decor, holiday door banners, or when you opt for Santa door hangers with other Xmas ornaments.

When should you decorate for Christmas?

There is no specific time when it comes to decorating contest for Christmas.

However, many folks start Xmas decorating contest around late November to early December. It allows them to spend more time exploring DIY door decoration ideas, including finding elegant Christmas door designs that serve as holiday door banners.

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