Adjustable Kitchen Units

Reaching the top of a kitchen cupboard can be hard enough for some. For the disabled, it can be a major issue when it comes to living and cooking independently.

Fortunately, these Adjustable Kitchen Units finally revolutionize this aspect of living making kitchen an accessible and wheelchair-friendly area.

This kitchen is the brainchild of a Czech company called Válek & Kačena.

Thanks to their design you can now adjust the height of the kitchen work surface as well as the cupboard. The lifting mechanism is powered by two electric motors. 

Adjustable Kitchen Units

The mechanism moving the cupboard is especially impressive. First, you can lower it to the level of the sink. Second, you can also make it move forward to accommodate the space the wheelchair usually takes.

Adjustable Kitchen Units

The kitchen comes with one set of drawers that can also be pulled forward when you want. But you can request more drawers, carousel units, and extensions when placing your order.

Frankly, Adjustable Kitchen Units are a brilliant idea and definitely should have become a standard in the industry a long time ago. 

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