BevBoy Drink Floatie

The BevBoy Drink Floatie will keep your drinks afloat in the water freeing up your hand and allowing you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

When you are visiting the swimming pool or lake it’s nice to have something to sip on.

You might want to stay hydrated in the sun, have a relaxing can of beer, or maybe you’re having a pool party that won’t be complete without some drinks.

Instead of awkwardly standing around with one hand holding your drink, you should just swim and allow your drink to float after you. With BevBoy that becomes possible. 

BevBoy Drink Floatie

This drink floatie’s smart design keeps your can or plastic cup upright. Your drink retains its balance thanks to the extended arm of the floatie that goes under the water and prevents it from spilling or tipping over.

BevBoy Drink Floatie

What’s more, BevBoy also acts as a drink cooler. Knowing that no one likes warm beer, the foam can cooler keeps it cold and refreshing throughout your swim.

The manufacturer advises using the BevBoy with 12oz cans or 12oz/16oz plastic cups. It can be beer, cocktails, soda, or anything else you decide to bring with you. 

BevBoy Drink Floatie

This tiny floating cooler is perfect for anyone who loves drinking while relaxing in the water or throwing pool parties. If that’s you, then it’s time to stock up on BevBoys.

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