Chefs Planet Clip N’Drain

The Chef’s Planet Clip N’Drain will make draining the easiest part of cooking.

Everybody needs to drain sometimes, especially when making pasta or veggies. But it’s never a comfy thing to do, is it?

Your colander is running loose, hot water running everywhere, it’s just a mess. But this amazing kitchen gadget makes it as easy as pie.

Simply clip it onto the rim of your pot or pan and pour the water into the sink. 

This little drain will fit almost any pot or pan and can withstand the weight of large amounts of food without trouble.

Chefs Planet Clip N'Drain

It takes up much less space than the traditional colander or strainer and is much cuter which, as far as I’m concerned, is a plus.

Chefs Planet Clip N’DrainSo transform any pot or pan into a strainer and focus on the taste of your food, not on the chore that used to be draining.  

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