Cocoon Hammock

Camping out in a hammock is all the rage now. You’d think that sleeping in a hammock in winter would be a tough and challenging experience but it’s not, at least if you have the Cocoon Hammock with you.

It’s called Inferno and it’s a two-part sleeping bag for you and your hammock.

The bottom part covers the hammock from the outside. It takes care of cold spots, drafts, and makes sure your bum isn’t freezing cold by morning. 

Cocoon Hammock

As for the top part, you will need to put it on yourself. It doesn’t have any zippers, so you retain the freedom of movement. A soft hood covers both your head and face with an exception of your eyes – can’t be missing out on the lovely view.

Cocoon Hammock

This “pea pod” cocoon comes in two versions. One for camping in 30º F (-1º C) temperatures, and another one for 0º F (-17º C) temperatures. 

Cocoon Hammock

This is as close as you can get to an outdoor human cocoon. It’s warm, light, and relaxing. Just what you need on a cold winter night.

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