38 Unique & Cool Toasters You Can Buy

Cool toasters are not all about getting the job done. They also have subtle ways to shower you with good cheer every morning of your life. Toast is one of the simplest culinary masterpieces of all time. But that is not to say it should be boring. These unique toasters offer lots of functionality and innovation in getting you the perfect toast every morning. There are fun toasters that add a dash of creativity to spice up your life and fancy toasters that do all the hard work.

There are see-through toasters that let you enjoy the transformation and funny toasters that will shake off your grump in a snap.

The Coolest Toasters in The World:

No matter what it is that gets your day off to a great start, there is a unique toaster that can get it done. So sit back and enjoy this collection of the most awesome toasters ever that you can buy.

#1 Selfie Toaster 

Selfie Toaster

Looking for a unique gift for someone who has everything? The selfie toaster is one of the coolest toaster ever! It comes with a custom insert that imprints the owner’s image onto every slice of bread.

What a fun way for them to start every morning. The concept oozes creativity and gives your recipient something to look forward to every time they take breakfast.

#2 Teapot Toasters 

Teapot Toasters

Teapot toasters would make a great addition to any retro kitchen theme. They sport the classic teapot design that takes guests and residents alike way back into time.

These vintage pieces are a unique focal point for your kitchen space. They come in a variety of shapes, each of which will amaze antiquity collectors and artsy types.

#3 Star Wars Darth Vader Toasters 

Uncanny Brands Star Wars Darth Vader Elite 2-Slice Toaster

Every Star Wars enthusiast would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have breakfast with the dark lord. These cool toasters make this fantasy a reality in more ways than you can imagine.

They take the shape of Darth Vader’s head and toast Star Wars on one side of every slice. How cool is that!

#4 Retro VW Mini Bus Toaster 

Retro VW Mini Bus Toaster

This unique toaster comes in the shape of Volkswagen Mini Bus. It breathes life into precious memories of an outdoorsy life. It is a particularly great gift choice for a rare items collector.

The beauty of the design is not limited to its visual appeal. Every slice of bread that passes through comes out with a distinct VW logo.

#5 Magimix Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster 

Magimix Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster

Wouldn’t you love to have a peek inside the toaster’s kitchen? This vision toaster has see-through walls that allow you to visualize your toast as it browns.

It sports an extra-wide slot that automatically centers to fit thick bagels. And when you have to toast smaller stuff, it has an extra-lift feature to keep your fingers from burning.

#6 Egg and Muffin Toaster 

Egg and Muffin Toaster

If your breakfast does not quite seem complete without an egg or two, here is the perfect toaster. It has two slots for muffins and a tray for poaching eggs.

This innovative piece will allow you to adjust the light to a dark setting. And a slide-out tray to facilitate easy cleaning for crumbs. With this versatile toaster, you even have a facility for warming meat!

#7 Hello Kitty Toasters

Hello Kitty Toasters

Certain young ones need a little more convincing to take a bite from their toast every morning. You can say goodbye to all such woes with these fun toasters.

It sports a Hello Kitty design on the exterior and imprints it onto every slice of toast. With this creative piece, the problem might be getting them to slow down.

#8 Cuisine Hot Dog Toaster 

Cuisine Hot Dog Toaster

For those who love to entertain this cool toaster is a must-have. Its design accommodates two hot dogs and their buns in special slots.

This is a great idea to save on time as well as dishes. It is also one of the best toasters for anyone who loves hot quick meal solutions and cannot say no to hot dogs.

#9 Printable retro toaster gift box

Gadget lovers behold! These modern toasters spare you the effort needed to walk all the way to the kitchen when your toast is ready.

It allows you to calculate a precise trajectory for your slice to ensure it lands exactly where you want it. The piece is a major statement on perfection thanks to this precision feature.

#10 Dash Clear View Toaster 

Dash Clear View Toaster

Making the perfect toast every single time is not as easy as it seems. But with this clear view toaster, there is no need for guesswork anymore.

It has a stunning array of seven browning levels to meet everyone’s precise requirements. And if you just cannot trust machines, you have a glass window to help you keep guard!

#11 Strom Trooper Toaster 

Strom Trooper Toaster

Your Star Wars collection is not complete until you get one of these cool toasters. It is a precise representation of the stormtroopers that shows great attention to detail.

What is more any slice, pastry, bun or muffin that goes in, comes out with a galactic empire logo. And with the handy temperature dial, you can go as far as you wish towards the dark side.

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#12 Toastation Combination Toaster & Toaster Oven 

Toastation Combination Toaster & Toaster Oven

Here is a hybrid toaster and oven that does it all to deliver a complete breakfast treat. It has lots of room for a complete meal. But its space-saving design makes it fit for the smallest of kitchens.

It has a quick heating feature and uses a simple lever to switch between oven and toaster. More importantly, it has an auto shut-off feature for added convenience.

#13 Camouflage Toasters 

Camouflage Toasters

This unusual toaster can blend it with virtually any surroundings thanks to its camouflage finish. It makes an awesome gift idea for adventurous types who love to bring a little of the outdoors in.

At times, it is not all about functionality and utility, but also about having a reason to smile every morning. This piece fits the bill perfectly.

#14 Cheese Sandwich Toaster 

Cheese Sandwich Toaster

When you are in search of melted cheese perfection, then only one of these fancy toasters will do. It features a custom design for the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich and makes it so much simpler to get the desired result.

All you have to do is to place the recipe items in the toaster’s basket, set the dial to your preference and you will be good to go.

#15 Countdown Leverless Toaster 

Countdown Leverless Toaster

For big families, having to toast everyone’s breakfast can be a drag. But not so with this four-slice toaster. It comes with double control panels to allow for different results according to preferences.

It uses motor control for its lift system making it all the more convenient. And it comes with seven different shades settings to meet everyone’s needs.

#16 Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags 

Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags

The craving for grilled cheese sandwiches is at times overpowering. But when you visualize the mess they will create then you might choose to forego the pleasure.

This entry is for a bag that allows you to get the perfect grilled cheese sandwich every single time, without the mess! And they are reusable for up to 50 times, so no wastage either.

#17 Yoda Toaster 

Yoda Toaster 

Wake up to a Yoda day with these cool toasters for Star Wars fans. It might be what you need to get you out of bed on blue Mondays and every other day.

You cannot help but smile when a Yoda head pops up on your perfect slice of bread. And with every bite, you get a reason to live through the day, however dreary it may seem.

#18 Kitchen Aid Pro Line Automatic Toaster 

Kitchen Aid Pro Line Automatic Toaster

When it comes to moden toasters, this has got to be one of the most advanced pieces. It has lots of smart features that allow for effortless toasting.

For instance, it keeps your toast warm when you are not there to pick it up in time. The lift system is automatic and has seven shade settings to give you the perfect toast every morning.

#19 Retro Series Bagel Toaster 

Retro Series Bagel Toaster

Toasting bagels has got to be one of the more challenging breakfast agendas. But this powerful toaster makes it a walk in the park. It has a special button that adjusts the time for thick toasts, bagels and even muffins.

The control buttons light up when you press them making it easy to control things. And the retro design is to die for.

#20 Platinum Radio Toaster 

Platinum Radio Toaster

Cool toasters do not come any more creative than this. It does not just resemble a radio; it is a fully functional radio complete with sound equalizer features.

The toasting slots are adjustable and can accommodate both breads and bagels with ease. And it has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

#21 50’s Style Smeg Toasters

 50’s Style Smeg Toasters - Cool Toasters

These unique toasters bring back sweet memories from the 50s and could make a great anniversary gift for parents.

The finish is classic and gives an idea of what you can expect in terms of performance. It has six levels of browning and a classic ball lever for lifting your toast.

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#22 Empire Collection Toaster 

Empire Collection Toaster

Add to your empire collection with one of these cool toasters. It features a simple build but has lots of fun features to cheer you up in the morning.

This is especially true if you happen to be a Star Wars fan. It prints out the character chest plate for the dark lord himself to give you a fun-filled and inspiring morning.

#23 BergHOFF International Seren Toaster 

BergHOFF International Seren Toaster

When all you want is good toast and a simple way to get it on the table, this is your best bet. This is one of the coolest toasters for good reason.

First, instead of the common top-loading option, this piece loads from the side. Unlike some toasters also, it browns your toast evenly on both sides. It also has reheat and defrost options.

#24 The 2-In-1 Hamilton Beach Oven Toaster 

2-In-1 Hamilton Beach Oven Toaster

City life at times confines us to small spaces where you cannot fit all modern conveniences. These unique toasters come in handy for such situations.

They combine an oven and a toaster in one handy contraption. The technology behind the design allows for faster cooking than most combo sets. An auto shut-off keeps your food safe from kitchen accidents.

#25 Star Wars Death Star Toaster 

Star Wars Death Star Toaster

The death star design makes this an extraordinary gift choice for a Star Wars fan. This weapon of destruction will surprisingly spew out the most delicious toast on this galaxy and beyond.

It has a super large chassis to fit almost any breakfast preference. And it prints out the tie fighter on every slice that passes through.

#26 Dualit Newgen Toaster 

Dualit Newgen Toaster

This new generation toaster deserves that lofty title for numerous reasons. It has a control system that heats one or both slots depending on your command.

It has a huge capacity to hold a sandwich cage when necessary and an automatic shut-off feature. The stainless steel body has durability and quality at its core.

#27 Wolf Gourmet Toaster 

Wolf Gourmet Toaster

Treat everyone to their breakfast of choice with one of these cool toasters. It has wide slots to hold a variety of preferences and dual control systems to meet everyone’s desires.

When you choose bagel settings, this innovative toaster only warms the outside while toasting the inside. You can never go wrong with this handy design.

#28 Mickey Mouse Toaster 

Mickey Mouse Toaster

Whether you wish to appeal to the young or young at heart, this is the toaster for you. It features Mickey Mouse prominently on the sides and a custom red and black design.

Bread slices come out with Mickey’s unmistakable head to appeal to its target audience. The classic design makes it an all-time favorite.

#29 Domo Toaster 

Domo Toaster

These funny toasters are the best way to ensure you never have a boring breakfast again. They sport a whimsical exterior with Domo’s massive sawtooth mouth ready to cheer you up.

This same fun mouth will feature on every slice of toast and keep your day bright and cheery. Invite Domo to every meal and your life will never be the same again.

#30 The 4 Slice Die-Cast Smart Toaster 

The 4 Slice Die-Cast Smart Toaster

Smart toasters have taken the world by storm offering unimaginable possibilities. The Die Cast Smart toaster exceeds most expectations.

The slot has a versatile design to accommodate any shape or length of the bread. The toasting carriage pops up and down to let you in on what’s going on without breaking the cycle.

#31 Spiderman Toaster

Uncanny Brands Marvel’s Spiderman Halo Toaster

Marvel and Avengers enthusiasts definitely will not miss this coolest toaster. This licensed-spiderman toaster features an iconic red mask of the popular character. 

You can toast any bread with this toaster, such as English bread, white bread, bagels, and many more. A trademark of spiderman will appear on both sides of the bread once you finished the toasting. We assure you that every spiderman lover can’t resist this unique toaster.

#32 2-Slot Impression Toaster

2-Slot Impression Toaster with 8 Interchangable Happy Morning Novelty Design Plates

Boost up your morning routine by having breakfast while also seeing short funny impression quotes. You can get both of them in this very unique impression toaster. 

Equipped with two removable plates with innovative design, you are allowed to change them based on your mood today. The toaster lets you enjoy your breakfast in a fun way. Go get yours before it’s too late!

#33 Coca-Cola Hot Dogs Toaster

Coca-Cola Pop-Up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Do you want to have a picnic by serving hot dogs with your closest friends and colleagues but worry about the hassle of preparing the food? Sit down and relax. This Coca-Cola hot dogs toaster will help you ease your burden.

This toaster can bake two regular or extra-plums hot dogs and two buns at the same time. Very convenient, isn’t it? In addition, there is an adjustable toasting timer that makes it easy for you to set the toasting time so that the hot dogs are toasted the way you want. Are you considering buying one?

#34 Bob Ross Toaster

Bob Ross Toaster

Do you know what is the best way to start your day? A toast with Bob Ross’s image burned on the bread. This toaster will help you remember the wise words of Bob Ross as you enjoy your morning bread.

The iconic Painter taught us to always stay positive. There is no mistake, just a little happy accident, he used to say. Seeing his bright face and his afro hair on your breakfast will remind you of his wisdom. It’ll fill you with determination and prepare you for the busy time ahead.

#35 The Minion Dave Toaster

The Minion Dave Toaster

Here is another cute toaster that will help you encourage your children to eat their breakfast! The Minion Dave Toaster! It will perfectly produce Dave’s pattern on the bread, and your kids will feel more excited to devour it.

After all, Dave is the most popular Minion character among kids because of his caring nature and adorable design. The shape of the toaster also mimics Dave’s face, and it comes in a bright Yellow, unique to the Minion. The playful design and the extra pop of color will liven up your kitchen.

#36 Toaster with Interchangeable Design

Toaster with Interchangeable Design

Having a toaster that can imprint a picture of your favorite character is fun. But, it’ll get old if you see it every morning. Now, meet this toaster that features an interchangeable slot that allows you to make a toast with various designs! You can change the image on your toast easily by swapping the plate.

Choose one that suits your mood. There is a plate that helps you to print Good Vibe on your toast. There is also a unicorn, Get in Mah Belly, Butter Me Up, and many more! There are a total of eight designs available. The toaster has two slots, so you can make two toast with two different pictures simultaneously!

#37 R2D2 Toaster

R2D2 Toaster

Since we have already mentioned several Star Wars-themed toasters, we might as well include the R2D2 Toaster! It comes in a rounded shape, just like the Artoo droid’s head. It also has a unique blue and white color scheme.

While this toaster won’t roll around like Artoo, it will still create the iconic chirping and beeping noises, the droid language. As you wait for your morning toast, you get to enjoy R2D2’s enthusiastic singing!

#38 Classic Retro Toaster with 4 Wide Slots

Classic Retro Toaster with 4 Wide Slots

You can make toasts for the whole family in one go with the BUYDEEM with the DT640 classic stainless steel toaster. If you have a rustic-themed kitchen, this model will blend in seamlessly. The greenish stainless steel frame accentuates that vibe.

There are two control knobs, so you can do two types of toast simultaneously. Whether you want your toast to be lighter or darker, the toaster will assist you with its 7-shades adjustment control. It’s also good for bagels, muffins, reheating, and even defrosting food.

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Your toaster does so much more than get your breakfast done every morning. Investing in cool toasters is a great way to give your space a facelift and create a fun focal point. It also allows you to express a bit of creativity and get everyone the inspiration they need to start their day. Make the most of these opportunities by getting the coolest toasters that money can buy.

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