Deluxe Corn Stripper

Let’s face it. Using tinned corn kernels isn’t quite the same as fresh, healthy corn, straight from the cob.

With the Deluxe Corn stripper, you won’t have to buy tinned, preserved corn kernels anymore.

This must have tool is perfect for stripping corn off the cob without any mess, splatters and does so quickly and safely.

The Deluxe Corn Stripper is made out of very strong, durable plastic, and a stainless blade.

It works by using a plunger to strip the cob which ensures safety and keeps the cord inside the container, ready to be used. Kernels can be fresh or cooked, but if frozen they should be defrosted first.

This handy tool is perfect for an assortment of nutritious and tasty dishes-soups, chowders and even side salads and dishes.

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