Elewraps: Anti-Tangle Cable & Headphone Wraps

Elewraps help you prevent your headphones from tangling and cables from fraying while giving them a unique colorful look.

These thermoplastic wraps can be looped around any cable of your choice. The stiff but flexible
material then prevents your headphones from forming insane knots in your pockets.

As for charging
and USB cables, it keeps them rigid enough to not bend or fray from constant use. There’s also an
added benefit of putting your favorite color on your cables.

Or, in case of headphones, picking the color that will most match your style. 

Elewraps: Anti-Tangle Cable & Headphone Wraps

One elePack contains 1 Power wrapper for a cable of your choice and 2 Audio elewraps to cover
one pair of headphones.

The Power elewrap counts 55” (140cm) in length and 0.14” (3.5mm) in
diameter. The set of 2 Audio elewraps together measure at 90”(230cm) in length and 0.12 (3mm) in

Elewraps: Anti-Tangle Cable & Headphone Wraps

You can safely cut the elewraps to fit the length of your cables. The wrapping process for the headphones should take you around 10 minutes.

But from what we
saw it looks even more relaxing than knitting. Plus, you get to prolong the life of your tech. That’s a

Elewraps: Anti-Tangle Cable & Headphone Wraps

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