Elodie The Unicorn Humidifier

Elodie The Unicorn Humidifier is the cutest gadget you’ll ever see that will keep your space humidified and your mood going through the roof.

Air humidifiers don’t always look glamorous or particularly engaging. They’re there to do their job. But why not brighten up your space with an air humidifier that looks amazingly cute, sweet, and adorable? That’s Elodie right there.

Humidifying the air can be extremely beneficial for your health especially in winter.

It prevents viruses from traveling through air, keeps your skin from dehydrating and flaking, improves sleep, and so much more.  

Elodie The Unicorn Humidifier

Thanks to its compact size, you can keep Elodie on your nightstand or carry it with you wherever you go.

Elodie will humidify the air for about 6-8 hours or until it runs out of the water. Additionally, you can essential oil to it in order to engage in an aromatherapy after a long day.

Elodie The Unicorn Humidifier

The unicorn humidifier also doubles as a color-changing mood light. It goes through several colors to lighten up your mood as well as your living space.

You can even use it as a nightlight if you have trouble falling asleep in the dark. Take care of your health, mood, and interior with this simple but charming creature/gadget. 

Elodie The Unicorn Humidifier

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