Flexible Non-Slip Tool Tray

This Flexible Non-Slip Tool Tray not only keeps your tools organized but thanks to its flexibility can keep your tools in place even when placed on uneven surfaces.

This tool tray has been specifically created for people who always need their tools and hardware in close reach for work or tinkering.

No matter where you put this, even on a wall for that matter, the tray, as well as the tools, will stay in place.

It is also chemical resistant and easy to clean with as little as a damp rag. 

This tool tray is available in three different sizes so you can choose the one that will suit your needs best and will contain all the gear you might be needing.

Flexible Non-Slip Tool Tray

Flexible Non-Slip Tool Tray

The tool tray also has a handle on each side which allows you to easily fold it in two a carry it around. 

Now your tools will stay in one place instead of rolling off your tool tray and ending up somewhere where no man could enter. 

Flexible Non-Slip Tool Tray

Flexible Non-Slip Tool Tray

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