Floating Wine Glasses

These Floating Wine Glasses can float on water and keep upright in sand, grass, and snow. If you’re not a hermit spending all their time indoors, then this piece of glassware can come in handy to you.

There’s nothing more disappointing on an exotic picnic than knocking your glass of wine over.

Just as you’re enjoying your tropical vacation on a Singapore beach, the drink is gone, everything is stained, sticky and unpleasant.

You can order another but it just isn’t the same. Well, this wine glass can solve that problem.  

Floating Wine Glasses

The glass is made out of BPA-free acrylic which is durable and can be washed in a dishwasher.  The design of the stem allows you to bury the glass in sand, grass or snow and it will be kept upright and stable.

Additionally, it creates a fine substitution to those cheap and unappealing wine glasses, It looks sophisticated, fancy and comes in many colors.

Floating Wine Glasses

So if you were looking for best outdoor drinkware you can end your search right here. Invest that time into planning your next pool party, instead. 

Floating Wine Glasses

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