Floaty Pants

Floaty Pants allow you to keep upright in the water having both hands free for doing whatever you might want to do.

If someone told you you’d be excited about a float that looks like an adult diaper, you’d probably be, at the very least, dubiously surprised. But after seeing these float pants in action, you might realize that it’s worth it. Absolutely worth it.

These Floaty Pants™ work like an inflatable life vest for your booty. They keep you in a vertical position above the water surface with almost no effort from you.  

Floaty Pants

All you need to do is keep your balance and wiggle your legs a bit. With both hands free you can read a nice book, drink some beer or cocktails, or play some ball game with other proud owners of these floating pants.

Or just relax and enjoy the fact that you won’t slip off the pool noodle and get a healthy dose of pool water delivered into your nose.

Floaty Pants

Floaty pants are extremely comfortable as they offer you back support. Moreover, to ensure a tight fit they are equipped with four nylon straps that you can adjust to ensure that no floaty pants would be lost in the pool.

The crotch has been also designed out of soft stretchy neoprene to avoid chaffing or not so pleasant feelings in the nether regions. 

Floaty Pants

The best part is, Floaty pants come in various designs. Some are milder differing only in color of the floaty pants’ material.

floaty pants

Some designs, on the other hand, are more wild featuring hilarious pictures that will make the wearer look like they’re sporting petite thongs.

If that’s not your thing, you can always dress your booty in Floaty Pants with a plumber’s crack view. Whatever floats your…pants.

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