Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottles

Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottles sound like something out of a Harry Potter book: utter a spell and you have a bottle filled with water. But this is a real life that actually allows for something like that to happen through pure engineering genius.

Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottles harness the moisture in the air and condense it thus giving you drinkable water.

If you are worried about the lack of minerals in the produced water, there’s no need. The bottom of the bottle carries little capsules that when dissolved re-mineralize the water to tackle that exact problem.

Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottles

The bottle uses solar energy to perform the complicated task of turning air into water. The solar power mat that comes with the bottle easily does the job while also allowing you to charge your devices with juicy solar energy.

The bottle has also been designed in a cycling version. You can attach Fontus Ryde to your bicycle to always be hydrated even on the go.

Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottles

With Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottles you don’t have to worry about water on your adventures. You can simply go camping, cycling, or boating without allowing your whole trip revolve around the water issue.

If you combine Fontus with some of the other filtering bottles you will be virtually unstoppable. At least water-wise.  

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