Forged Iron Dice

The Forged Iron Dice will add more authenticity and climate to your favorite role-playing games.

The standard cubical playing set of dice are not really an exciting pair of objects, Small, white and made of plastic, yet used a lot by so many people every day.

Now if you love fantasy climates and playing themed board games and role-playing games, you will love these awesome iron dice.

The dice are hand-made from iron and steel, which sounds as if they’re forged by a blacksmith in his little workshop. 

They also come with a very nice leather pouch which you can strap to your belt, to always have your dice available or to intimidate opponents with your dedication.

forged iron dice

If you are all about feeling the climate of the game that you play, as if you are living it, you will love these dice, which make every roll original and fantastical.

forged iron dice

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