Garden Root Slayer Shovel

Taking care of your garden is tough work. There are weeds that need to be taken care of, plants to move, soil to till, and so on.

Moving bushes and small trees may prove to be especially challenging. The roots of these plants spreading several feet underground can make this task complicated. This is where Garden Root Slayer Shovel comes into play.

Normally, when faced with tough chunky roots you’d reach for a saw or a hatchet to cut them and free the plant. Root Slayer Shovel has been designed to cut both the roots and your time relocating bushes in half. 

Garden Root Slayer Shovel

It comes with a sharp inverted V-shaped blade at the tip. In one precise motion, it will slice through both the tough soil and the smaller roots.

If bulkier roots don’t give in that easily you can use the rip saw teeth placed at both sides of the shovel.

Garden Root Slayer Shovel

The blade of this heavy duty shovel is made out of tempered 13 gauge mid-carbon steel. The shaft comes with a comfortable O-shaped handle that gives you much more gripping surface.

Both the handle and the shaft are made out of resin-encased steel. All these features combined make this shovel a devastating force while being easy on your wrists and palms. 

Garden Root Slayer Shovel

Looking at the multifunctionality and composition of this shovel, you’d think it’s meant for survival purposes.

With it being 150% stronger than other similar shovels it may definitely be used that way. But while there are no zombies on the horizon you might as well take of the roots in your garden.

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