25 Gifts for Supernatural Fans That Will Remind Them of the Show

If your friends or relatives love watching TV shows, they might appreciate Supernatural memorabilia as a gift. And so, to help you find the best Supernatural-related items, we have listed 25 gift ideas for Supernatural fans that will surprise them. You won’t have to worry about which gift to give on their special days, because we have made it easy for you to find the following products!

You know how amazing it is for a TV series to last more than a decade, with loyal fans constantly supporting it. Of course, one of the most long-running TV shows that would come to mind would be the Supernatural. It had been 15 years since the Winchester brothers started their adventure in 2005. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Even Supernatural, with its massive fandom, came to an end. The show ended in 2020 with a proper finale.

To this day, the show still holds a special place in its devoted fans’ hearts. The fandom has developed into not only a mere fan base but more of a loving community. Thus, the following memorabilia will ensure that the show shall live on forever!

1. Winchester Shirt

Winchester Shirt

Here is something easy to find yet would make a lovely gift for the Supernatural fans! Let them be part of the Winchester family by wearing this shirt that shouts your identity as part of the Winchester brothers.

The shirts come in various sizes and styles for you to choose from, including the gender of the gift receiver. The comfortable sweat-absorbing fabric makes it perfect to accompany them to run some errands or just stay in. Truly a comfy present for Supernatural fans!

2. Dean Winchester Candle

Dean Winchester Candle

As much as the Supernatural fans love Sam Winchester, they also have a soft spot for Dean Winchester. Fans of his character will go wild when they receive this scented candle because it smells just like him! 

It is always fun to imagine being an inch away from the actual Dean Winchester, making this item a fun gift for Supernatural fans. The candle is of high quality that melts evenly. You can also request a greeting note so the present will be delivered as if it comes from Dean Winchester himself.

3. Ruby-inspired Leather Jacket

Ruby-inspired Leather Jacket

You can be part of the SPN Family by copying how they dress. These Ruby-inspired leather jackets are a good start for someone who loves the Supernatural. Although the character Ruby often appeared to be a deceitful being, Supernatural fans would admit that she is a true femme fatale. The black leather jacket gives powerful, mysterious, yet elegant vibes, all at the same time. 

4. Sam and Dean Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Sam and Dean Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Here is one of the most practical gift ideas for a huge fan of Supernatural! A laser-cut vinyl record-shaped wall clock that Supernatural fans can place anywhere in their favorite corner! That way, Supernatural fans will soon realize that the Winchester brothers have a sharp gaze, indeed. 

5. Winchester Pull-Over Hoodie

Winchester Pull-Over Hoodie

Everyone, especially Supernatural fans, will agree that wearing a hoodie is super comfy. Even more so when the hoodie is inspired by the Winchester brothers. A hoodie is a lifesaver when you do not feel like dressing up for a short supermarket trip or anywhere you want.

A hoodie is more than just a fashion item. It symbolizes youthfulness and comfiness, as does this Supernatural-themed hoodie. It would be great to choose this as a gift for Supernatural fans since they would get both the comfort and Winchester-themed style in one package. 

6. Supernatural Coaster Set

Supernatural Coaster Set

Easily prevent the scratches on the table surface from the glass by layering the base of the cup or bowl with coasters! However, this set is more than just coasters for someone who loves the Supernatural. It is also a set of decorative dining stuff they want to collect. 

It is perfect as a gift for Supernatural fans since they will pick up on the red color’s nuances on this item. Supernatural is often correlated with black, but this one? Indeed, an excellent gift for Supernatural fans! Put them in a small gift box, and you’re good to go!

7. 1967 Chevrolet Impala Replica

1967 Chevrolet Impala Replica

As a Supernatural fan, what else do you have in mind when it comes to reliving the long-running show? Rewatching the series? Purchasing more merchandise? Spending time with other Supernatural fans? The list of dream gifts for Supernatural fans will go on. 

You may notice that Dean’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala often appeared in the series. For him, the urge to protect the car was somewhat similar to the way he protected his family.  While buying the exact same car might be a huge decision for Supernatural fans, why not try to get the replica? 

8. The Metallicar’s Prop License Plate

The Metallicar’s Prop License Plate

When the car replica is not enough to contain the excitement towards the Supernatural, maybe you can opt for more real stuff as a gift for Supernatural fans. For someone who loves the series, having the Metallicar’s KAZ 2Y5 prop license plate would be an ultimate goal.

After all, it indicates Kansas 2005—the year when the series premiered. Supernatural fans would feel like being in the same car with the Winchester brothers whenever they see this plate.

9. Sam and Dean Bracelets

Sam and Dean Bracelets

We can all agree that Supernatural would be just a regular fantasy TV show if they had not shown the brotherly bond between Sam and Dean. And there is nothing more beautiful than gifting your friend a pair of bracelets with You’re the Sam to my Dean, and You’re the Dean to my Sam.

Even better, if you are also a Supernatural fan, you two can have fun deciding which Winchester brother to be. Definitely unforgettable gifts for Supernatural fans!

10. Supernatural-Inspired Room Spray

Supernatural-Inspired Room Spray

We must admit that people nowadays are getting more creative in producing Supernatural-themed gifts. Thus, we have many gift ideas for you to choose from. For instance, these Supernatural room sprays are the perfect gifts for Supernatural fans who want the house to smell like a spa. 

Because Dean Winchester is prominently associated with apple pie, the room spray also has the scents of Apple Pie and Kentucky Bourbon. Sam, the one who is obsessed with salads, represents Cashmere Cedar and Bay Rom—both have woodsy notes—for the room spray. A perfect gift for Supernatural fans who love signature scents.

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11. Acrylic Supernatural Cake Topper

Acrylic Supernatural Cake Topper

If you were Dean Winchester’s friend, what would you give him on his birthday? A cake or a box of pies? If the idea of getting a cake for a birthday is too old-fashioned for you, think about the topper.

Yes, a topper can make a significant difference to the cake. You may see it as just an ordinary topper. Still, your SPNFamily friend would perceive the cake as if it is just being taken out of Winchester’s oven. You can even transform the most basic cake into a fantastic gift for Supernatural fans in no time.

12. Women’s Socks

Women’s Socks

All the gift ideas for Supernatural fans we listed above are gender-neutral. But, if the gift is intended explicitly for a female Supernatural fan, then this pair of socks would be among great gift ideas. There are days when nothing is more entertaining than watching Supernatural, so let these socks speak for themselves while giving total comfort inside and out. 

13. Supernatural Board Game

Supernatural Board Game

Like watching every Supernatural episode, a game night always brightens up everyone’s mood. Supernatural fans will agree with this! The Supernatural board game can be the best strategy to cure the bittersweet feeling of the series finale, so here comes one of the super fun gift ideas!

The board game is equipped with around 600 trivial questions for Supernatural fans. It is the perfect way to spend a night with friends or family. 

14. Mrs. Castiel Mug

Mrs. Castiel Mug

Enough glorifying Sam and Dean, for now. It’s time to celebrate the arrival of Castiel on earth. The angelic character played by Misha Collins started to catch the fans’ attention since his first appearance in the fourth season. Mrs. Castial’s mug can be a fun gift for Supernatural fans who love the characterization of Castile who managed to be upgraded to the main actor. Because the angel is genderfluid, anyone can be Mrs. Castiel—including you!

15. Supernatural Charm Bracelet

Supernatural Charm Bracelet

This one is the most beautiful gift for Supernatural fans, specifically for women. There is a famous saying by Olivia Thirlby, “I feel naked without jewelry”, and we bet most women would totally agree. So, if you are still confused which gift is the best for a female SPNFamily member, you can consider this charm bracelet.

For her, this Supernatural-themed jewelry is the best option. After all, it has many pendants that represent elements or symbols that appeared in the long-running show. This would make a thoughtful gift for Supernatural fans. 

16. Dean’s Sacred Amulet

Dean’s Sacred Amulet

Thinking of a mysterious, sacred-feeling gift for Supernatural fans? Think of this item! For some cultures, jewelry is often perceived as sacred, and this amulet is no exception. In Supernatural, Sam got the amulet from his uncle, Bobby. This is a real special thing for him, claiming it as a protective charm. You can get the exact replica of the item with its gift box for someone who loves the Supernatural. It will give them a sense of being protected by the amulet, making it one of the brilliant gift ideas. 

17. Supernatural Paper Print

Supernatural Paper Print

This one is amongst the most direct and straightforward gift ideas for Supernatural fans. In other words, this is the most classic gift for Supernatural fans. Although it is not so practical, having your wall hung with this poster will speak volumes about your devotion to the series. Please note to always consider how to put up the print properly, so that you won’t damage the wall.

18. Sam Winchester Funko POP Vinyl Figure

Sam Winchester Funko POP Vinyl Figure

It is tricky to decide the best gifts for Supernatural fans obsessed with the show. It may seem like they already have all Supernatural merchandise and other stuff related to the series. But, Worry not! Nothing beats the Sam Winchester Funko POP vinyl figure! You can use it to liven up the birthday surprise. Sam Winchester is forever theirs. 

19. The First Season of Supernatural

The First Season of Supernatural

It is tricky to decide the best gifts for Supernatural fans obsessed with the show. It may seem like they already have all Supernatural merchandise and other stuff related to the series. But don’t worry because nothing beats the Sam Winchester Funko POP vinyl figure! You can use it to liven up the birthday surprise. Sam Winchester is forever theirs. 

20. Supernatural: The Official Cookbook 

Supernatural The Official Cookbook

How dare you claim yourself as part of the SPNFamily when you fail to name the Winchester brothers’ favorite dishes! Fortunately, this cookbook is here for you. It is a game-changer to immerse yourself more in the show. When other gifts for Supernatural fans compete to create Supernatural-themed stuff, this Supernatural cookbook promises to let you live inside the show. It encourages you to recook Sam’s and Dean’s daily meals. Recreate Dean’s very own pies? Sure thing, as for him, a box of pastries is meant to be shared!

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21. Collectible Postcards

Collectible Postcards

Rewatching the series might give you a nostalgic feeling, but have you tried a more conventional way? A box of collectible Supernatural postcards as a gift for Supernatural fans is the answer. The postcards would allow the SPNFamily to revisit iconic moments or slogans you once watched throughout the episodes. The best part is you don’t even need to wrap it as it comes with a beautiful gift box. Simply add a greeting card, and your gift is ready!

22. Sam Winchester’s Classic Plaid Shirt

Sam Winchester’s Classic Plaid Shirt

If you never go a day without wearing a plaid shirt, maybe you are Sam Winchester at heart. For him, less is more; thus, classic pieces like a regular but comfortable pleated shirt that won’t really attract too much attention are essential. 

This type of shirt is one of the simplest yet practical gifts for Supernatural fans. But it takes more than a plaid shirt to look very close to Sam Winchester. Add some more staple clothes such as trench coats. You can also combine it with dark-colored layered jackets and plain T-shirts worn as inners.

23. Dean’s So-called Boots

Dean’s So-called Boots

Equip yourself with solid footwear for outdoor activities while adding a touch of Dean Winchester’s fashion taste: men’s lace-up boots. For him, comfort and durability remain a priority when choosing the perfect pair. Of course, this boot is essential, especially if you are a ghost hunter! Remember that you can always select the boot shaft height based on your comfort level. 

24. Supernatural Tarot Deck

Supernatural Tarot Deck

Feel the vibe of being part of the Winchester family by mastering the art of tarot reading and fortune-telling. As a fun gift for Supernatural fans, choose the Supernatural’s tarot deck with the guidebook. Hence, even if they do not know any of the basic tarot reading skills, they can learn from the very first step. It is never too late to learn something new every day, right?

25. Supernatural Undated Planner

Supernatural Undated Planner

Chasing ghosts and monsters would consume your energy and time. Sometimes those unseen creatures come at an unpredictable time. Running around avoiding them can be very demanding. And that is precisely the reason why they include this planner for Supernatural fans. This would be a perfect gift for Supernatural fans who love to schedule and track their activities or simply take notes. 

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What are the best gifts for Supernatural fans?

The best gift for Supernatural fans is the show itself. The Blu-ray version is a good idea because it would remind them of why the Supernatural is very likeable in the first place. The perfect gift for Supernatural fans is Supernatural itself. 

Why is Supernatural so popular?

The show is so popular because the chemistry within the Supernatural’s characters feels so real. In other words, the bond their characters created—especially the brotherly relationship shown by Sam and Dean, is somehow relatable and felt effortless.

Eventhough the show involves some unthinkable and fantastic scenes, the bond stay strong. While another reason for its fame is the interesting synopsis that satiated your appetite for horror. 

What are Supernatural fans called?

Supernatural fans are called SPN Family. SPN stands for Supernatural. The term is derived from a line aired in Supernatural’s 10th season, episode 17 when Dean Winchester said, “family doesn’t end in blood.”

Why is the Supernatural fandom so big?

Because the interaction between Supernatural fans, the crew, and the actors led to this special and nurturing bond. Not only that, together, they raised their voices for real causes like spreading awareness about mental health, creating empowerment projects, initiating many more campaigns, and holding conventions. 

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