High-Quality Unique Dnd Dice Cases

For all of you, Dungeons & Dragons fans, come these High-Quality Unique Dnd Dice Cases. Each case is not like the other with unmatched patterns and wood grain.

These dice cases are called ThunderEggs due to their shape, pattern, and a striking resemblance to something you’d find in a dragon’s lair.

The thunder-like markings are created using the fractal burning technique. It involves burning wood with a high voltage of electricity that etches a beautiful branching pattern on the case.

The resulting markings are then filled with epoxy resin and you get to pick the color your ThunderEgg will bear.

High-Quality Unique Dnd Dice Cases

Additionally, you can get a spell tracker to go with your case. It is a magnetic insert that fits into one half of the ThunderEgg.

The spell tracker comes with twelve magnetic beads that will help you keep tabs on your progress.

High-Quality Unique Dnd Dice Cases

The ThunderEgss are unique, high-quality, and striking dice cases that can not only hold 7 D20s but also help you play DnD more efficiently.

High-Quality Unique Dnd Dice Cases

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