Hitchrific Trailer Attacher

The Hitchrific Trailer Attacher will make sure you attach your trailer to the car correctly every time.

Aligning the hitch with the end of the trailer or boat can be a real pain, especially if you are doing it alone.

The problem always lies with aligning them perfectly together without being even a single inch off.

If worse comes to worst you may be tempted to pull the trailer a bit closer to the hitch but then you can say goodbye to your back muscles.  

Hitchrific Trailer Attacher

Hitchrific is an extendable attachment that you can use to move the hitch right under the coupler. Just crank it and align the ball with the coupler and snap it right on.

This ensures that you get your trailer attached the right way every time. No backups or dangerous trailer-moving stunts needed.

Hitchrific Trailer Attacher

When you have everything connected, crank Hitchrific to lock the trailer in a towing position.

Hitchrific is easy to install onto any 2-inch hitch and it can be moved up to 15 inches in any direction. It comes in two versions with different towing capacities: 6,000 lbs and 10,000 lbs.

Whether you own a towable camper or a boat, this powerful car gadget is just what you need to save your nerves and back. 

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