Hum Rider

Hum Rider makes every jaded car driver’s dream come true – escaping the torturous traffic jams.

This modified SUV is capable of rising above the fellow drivers, literally, and driving over them.

You’ve read that right, this SUV can widen to 8 feet and rise 5 feet into the air. It then allows you to swoop right over other cars stuck in traffic and go on with your day.

The transformation is possible due to an advanced hydraulic system, which features over 300 hydraulic lines running through basically everything. 

Hum Rider

This comes at no small cost, since the Hum Rider weighs 8,500 pounds because of carrying all that under the hood. Still, if that’s what it takes to never hear the frustrating and useless honking in a gridlock, then so be it.

Hum Rider

Here’s the bad news, though. This car is not real. No, we’re not going full Black Mirror on you saying that reality is just a lie and nothing matters. The explanation is simpler than that: the Hum Rider was built as a PR stunt. 

Hum Rider

Yes, this cheery turquoise SUV was designed for Verizon in order to promote their new product, Hum. Unfortunately, Hum has nothing to do with growing extended wheels and waving goodbye to befuddled fellow drivers. 

Still, it was nice to think that this could be a reality. Maybe someday it will be.

Hum Rider

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