Running can be a truly freeing activity. But that feeling of freedom can be compromised with water bottles you’re ought to carry in your hand or on your belt.

It not only weighs you down, restricts your range of motion, and overall makes the run less enjoyable.

But with HydraQuiver you will finally be able to free your hands and hips from the heavy load, therefore, giving your run all 100% of focus.

HydraQuiver is a comfortable lightweight double strap that allows you to carry your water bottle and essentials on your back. 


Due to the light materials as well as no-bounce design, this hydration pack makes itself almost unnoticeable to the runner. HydraQuiver features a thick foam padding at the back with multiple air pockets to ensure that your back is able to breathe during any exerting activity.

You can adjust the straps to your liking and make them sit firmly in place. The tight fit of straps can even have a positive influence on your posture during the workout. Back straight and head held up high.


HydraQuiver also features a pocket for carrying your keys, credit cards, cash and even energy bars. Overall, the pocket has a holding capacity of 54 cubic inches (roughly 0.9 liters). The included water bottle is BPA-free and can hold up to 24 oz of fluid.

The funnel-like tapered design of the bottle holder makes sure that the bottle stays in place and doesn’t leave in the times of need. HydraQuiver can even be ordered in a double-barrel version capable of holding two bottles at a time.


So if you’re more of a marathon person rather than a sprint one, be sure to check that option out. This useful piece of sports equipment is machine washable while the bottle is also dishwasher safe.

With this cool backpack-like bottle holder you can strap in for the run of your life. It will certainly unveil a completely new running experience for both beginners as well as seasoned runners.


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