Kair Bath Visor For Kids

The Kair Bath Visor For Kids will let your children have stress-free baths and not worry about shampoo getting into their eyes.

This moment is definitely a downside of your child’s bathtime – a little bit of shampoo finds its way into an eye, it stings and then here come the waterworks.

It’s hard for the child, who starts associating taking a bath with literal pain, and for the parents, who have to endure even more trouble.

That will stop forever with this awesome bath supporter.  It might look like a simple visor, but it’s a lot more than that. 

Most importantly, it will fit onto any child’s head, thanks to a patented air cushion sealing. Just put in onto your baby’s head to enjoy bathing it like never before. Older children can use it too when they want to take a nice bath all by themselves.

Kair Bath Visor For Kids

So to sum up, this clever bath visor will make bathtime much easier for the parents and bring joy without any pain to the kids. A genius device for any household.

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