Kid-O-Bunk Camping Bunk Bed

The Kid-O-Bunk Camping Bunk Bed is a portable multi-purpose bed that will make camping much more comfortable and enjoyable for both kids and their parents.

If you have ever witnessed your kids getting restless in a sleeping bag, then this bunk bed will solve this problem.

The bunk bed is extremely easy to assemble, which in itself can be a fun experience for you and your kids. It’s also easy to transport since all the parts necessary for assembly fit into a small bag. 

The bunk bed can be just that – a bunk bed. But during the day the bed can be transformed into a comfortable sitting bench.

Kid-O-Bunk Camping Bunk Bed

If your kids don’t necessarily enjoy sleeping in a bunk bed, it can be turned into two side by side cots. The choice is yours. Or more precisely, your kids’.

Kid-O-Bunk Camping Bunk Bed

The polyester sleeping deck is machine washable. So even if your rugrats manage to spill something on the bed, no harm’s done. 

Kid-O-Bunk Camping Bunk Bed

This is an awesome camping gadget for kids and can be used not only on camping trips but also when hosting a sleepover party or having some relatives over. Great addition to your camping arsenal.

Kid-O-Bunk Camping Bunk Bed

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