Ladder Cargo Lift

This Ladder Cargo Lift is an electric hoist that can send up to 500 lbs up any ladder.

Carrying anything up a ladder can be a dangerous business. It can become straight up life-threatening when working with tall building and heavy loads like in construction work.

This ladder lift was designed to allow the user to safely send cargo up and down the ladder. Just plug the lift in a standard 110V outlet (yes, if the power gets cut off, the lift stays in place).

You or your partner can operate this lift using pendant control. The pendant is connected to the lift via a 16-foot cord allows you to operate it from a safe distance. 

Ladder Cargo Lift

This lift comes in two models with different weight capacities – one can hoist up to 250 lbs, the other 500 lbs.

Ladder Cargo Lift

The ladder lift is easy to disassemble and transport, so you can take it with you from a job to a job.

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