Lever Gear Toolcard Multi-Tool

There are some impressive multi-tools out there and we have covered a lot of them. But this LeverGear Toolcard Multi-tool probably takes the cake when it comes to the “multi” part.

The Toolcard combines 40 useful tools in one. You’d think that packing so many functions into one multi-tool would definitely take a toll on its portability. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This multi-tool takes on the shape of a regular credit card making it easy to carry it around in your wallet. If, however, your wallet is already filled with expired gift cards or business cards there might be another way out.

LeverGear Toolcard comes with a handy attachment that turns this multi-tool into a sleek money clip. 

Lever Gear Toolcard Multi-tool

There’s not enough space here to describe all the functions this tool possesses. But what we can do is highlight some of them.

Lever Gear Toolcard Multi-tool

The 40 tools this baby offers you include hex wrenches of various sizes, can, bottle, and box opener, screwdriver, various open-ended wrenches, rulers, and there’s still more. 

Lever Gear Toolcard Multi-tool

If you have been on the hunt for the most versatile and best multi-tool out there, we’ve got good news for you. LeverGear Toolcard Multi-tool is it.

Lever Gear Toolcard Multi-tool

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