Movable Jewelry Trays Organizer

This Movable Jewelry Trays Organizer is a chic and easy solution for storing anything from jewelry to keys. When you clean out your apartment or house you still end up with a bunch of little stuff, like keys, jewelry, earphones etc., that you’d like to have in the reach of your hand, but have no place for.

You could get a bowl and dump everything into it, but that is boring, messy and spoils the view.

But this nice wooden organizer will be an integral part of your interior design and serve the useful purpose of keeping the small things neat, organised and around. Hand-crafted out of oak and iron it is almost 12 inches high and its sturdy base will prevent the tray from falling over.

This interesting jewelry organizer has to make its way in your home and make a home for your jewelry in return. 

Movable Jewelry Trays Organizer


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