Pongtu Sticker Toilet Plunger

The Pongtu Sticker Toilet Plunger will make you think twice before reaching for an old rubber plunger on a stick. There’s a reason for that, specifically that instead of spending hours trying to unplug the toilet the usual way you can do the same with a sticker in a shorter amount of time.

It’s hard to believe but Pongtu sticker toilet plunger seems to actually work. The product comes from South Korea and it has shaken the world with the demo video of the product.

You can see a standard toilet clogged to bits with an endless amount of toilet paper, water threatening to overfill the bowl at any second. Gross? Sure, but what this sticker does next makes you forget about the unpleasant images. 

After securing the sticker on top of the bowl all you need to do is push. The pressure combined with an air-tight seal and excess of water seem to do the trick.

Pongtu Sticker Toilet Plunger

Each sticker is for one use only and that’s a good thing, for sure. You don’t want to know what can get stuck to the other side of the sticker.

Pongtu Sticker Toilet Plunger

They are easily transportable and take up virtually no space. Just make sure to check the measurements of the sticker and your own bowl before buying. 

Pongtu Sticker Toilet Plunger

We must confess, seeing the water bubble rise above the confinements of the bowl made our hearts stutter for a second in anticipation of a big water explosion. But all is well what ends well and goes down the drain.

Pongtu Sticker Toilet Plunger

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