Portable Wood Stove

if you’re looking for a quality woodstove for your next camping or should i say “Glamping” adventure, then look no further than the Frontier Portable Wood Stove By Anevay!

This company started its journey way back in 2003 when they started producing much-needed products for humanitarian aid agencies, these products needed to be of the highest quality as they were often life-saving products for the recipients in the disaster zones.

The Frontier Portable Wood Stove is the result of years of testing and has quickly developed a cult-like following due to its quirky yet robust design.

This Portable Stove is, lightweight, durable and very portable, as it simply breaks down into a little box when not in use, Best of all it is very safe and extremely fuel efficient.

The perfect camping or even a backyard accessory!

Portable Wood Stove
Portable Wood Stove

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