The Original Bag of Poop

Looking for a crappy gift that’s not really crap? Dive into the bag of poop for a hilarious surprise! Not only is it filled with mouthwatering black cherry cotton candy, but it’s also the perfect gag for any event. Gift the bag of poop and watch as laughter erupts!

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Let’s be honest, the world’s best jokes are a tad… crappy.

Enter the bag of poo, a gift that’s bound to make you the crowned prince of pranksters. Who’d ever think that poop could get such a unanimous vote for ‘Best Gift Ever’?

Whether it’s your snickering teens, your forever-young-at-heart dad, or that coworker who takes everything too seriously, a bag of poo is your ticket to a guffaw.

Now, before you wrinkle your nose, hear me out.

Hidden within this deceptively naughty sack is the sweetest secret: a delightful mouthful of black cherry cotton candy! It’s not just any cotton candy either; it’s 100% made in the US, ensuring a burst of yumminess with every bite.

So, yes, you’re technically giving them a taste of poo, but in the most luscious, laughable way. Every occasion calls for a chuckle, be it a birthday bash, a retirement soirée, or that awkward office party.

This poop emoji novelty doesn’t just bring the giggles, it’s also the perfect ice-breaker. And if you thought the bag alone was gold, wait until they see the high-quality sticker tucked inside.

Oh, the reactions! Priceless!

In a world filled with gifts that are often forgotten, the bag of poop stands (or should we say, squats?) uniquely apart. So, next time you’re racking your brain for the perfect present, remember: nothing says ‘I care’ quite like a bag of fluffy, edible poop.

Ready to make memories? Grab a bag of poop and let the good times roll!

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