Bootyful Dreams with The ORT Buttress Pillow

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to sleep like royalty, cradled between these soft and supportive assets? Plus, the adjustable thighs mean you can customize your comfort level. Say goodbye to ordinary pillows and embrace the absurdly wonderful world of the ORT Buttress Pillow, that’s make your dreams as delightful as they are comfortable!

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Introducing the ORT Buttress Pillow, your ultimate relaxation companion that takes comfort to a whole new level.

Crafted from 100% premium natural latex foam, this pillow is not only hypoallergenic and eco-friendly but also comes dressed in a silky-smooth, washable yoga pant cover that’s practically begging for a cozy cuddle session.

Prepare to experience the patented magic of the ORT’s design, perfect for those moments of pure relaxation around the house.

With its thick and elongated thighs, it’s like having a personalized cocoon of support for your head and neck. And let’s not forget the separate thighs that allow for the freshest of airflows and a cozy neck-hugging experience that you can customize to your liking. It’s not just a pillow; it’s an invitation to snuggle in and experience the bliss of the ‘sweet spot.’

But here’s the kicker—this pillow isn’t just about comfort; it’s about a whole lot of cheeky fun too.

Not only is it an amazing gift and a conversation starter, but it’s a commitment to happiness and stress relief with the added charm of an utterly enchanting, beautifully shaped booty. So why settle for ordinary when you can rest your head on this extraordinary Buttress Pillow that’s here to cradle, support, and entertain you in style?

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