Cricket Noise Maker Pranks

We recently came across a hilarious prank gadget that you ought to know about! Try the Cricket Noise Maker pranks! This toy will keep your friends, family, and coworkers on their toes! Watch them confused as they try to track down the source of the annoying cricket chirp. It’ll be a riot! The cricket sound is so realistic that it’ll have everyone frantically searching their surroundings. Where is the pesky insect hiding?

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I must admit, this Cricket Noise Maker has greatly enhanced my pranks! As a small, virtually untraceable device, it unleashes cricket chirps that will drive your friends bananas. Watch them hilariously struggle to locate the source! 

The cricket sound is so genuine that they’ll be spending hours searching for a real cricket!

Cricket Noise Maker Pranks
mimics the sound of crickets

The stealthy design and included sticky dots make it practically invisible. You can attach it to almost any surface like under desks, in shoes, or behind curtains. Oh, thanks to its long-lasting battery, you can extend your prank for years! 

It’s so easy to use that even a caveperson could handle it. You just need to flip a switch and watch the uncontrollable chaos unfold.

Cricket Noise Maker Pranks
guessing where the ‘bug’ is hiding

Of course, there are some shortcomings. People can trace the rather loud sound easily in small spaces. Still, I find it to be an undeniably amusing gag gift for pranksters craving some unforgettable memories with their unsuspecting victims. 

Just remember not to prank yourself in the process!

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