Fake Finger Through Nail

Here is a sure way to get laugh-out-loud laughs at family gatherings and parties! Meet the Laugwey Funny Prank Surprise Box! This box comes loaded with an assortment of hilarious prank items, including a prop involving a fake finger through nail! There is also the Prank Spider Box. As soon as someone opens the case cover, a rubber spider jumps out, “biting” their finger. Other prank items in this box will spark more priceless reactions!

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I recently had loads of fun and laughter with the Laugwey Funny Prank Surprise Box! This prank set includes a variety of amusing gag toys, but my favorite is the prop involving a fake finger through a nail!

So there I was, with the box right in front of me. It caught my eye when I was looking for a prop to pull a harmless yet funny prank on my friends and family. This box came with 10 fake finger-through-nail toys. This prop is the star of the show in creating laughter at parties and gatherings!

Fake Finger Through Nail
create your own prank-worthy moment safely

Being a prank enthusiast myself, I must say the fake injured finger gag blew my mind! The fake finger-through nail prank consists of a soft cloth and a curved iron nail. It creates the illusion of a finger injury without causing any actual harm. 

I wore it to my friend’s party, and when people noticed, their reactions were priceless! You can include this prop in various situations and be sure of getting a good laugh out of everyone.

Fake Finger Through Nail
completely safe for endless fun

This little box is ideal for increasing fun during Halloween parties, Fool’s Day events, and even children’s parties.

Primarily meant for amusement, this box also contains other intriguing items like the prank spider. There is also the simulation rubber cockroach to scare unsuspecting people. The fake tongue, while gross, is fascinatingly lifelike. You can stretch and pierce without damaging the prop.

Fake Finger Through Nail
harmless and humorous pranks

The Laugwey Prank Box is an excellent choice for those who love bringing laughter and surprise to any gathering. Just remember, friends, prank responsibly!

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