Ice Cream Door Stop

Stop your doors from slamming shut with Ice Cream Door Stop! This quirky item is not just an amusing home accessory, but also a practical tool that makes life just a bit easier. The door stopper comes in the shape of a dropped ice cream cone! It uses rubber material for its construction, providing enough grip to hold doors open. Your guests will have a hard time not chuckling when they see this door stopper in action.

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I have to admit, the first time I encountered this Ice Cream Door Stop, I thought a poor child’s cone had tragically met its end on the floor. Boy, was I wrong! This unique and cute doorstopper has charmed me and many others with its quirky design.

Say goodbye to slamming doors and pinched fingers! The friction force produced by this cleverly designed stopper will keep your doors open. It’ll protect you and your loved ones from accidental door-related injuries.

ice cream door stop
this ice cream won’t melt!

It looks like a real ice cream cone falling on the floor at a glance! It also serves as a practical and reliable door stopper. Simply toss it under your door, and it’ll get stuck, keeping your door in place. It’s especially perfect for homes with children.

However, the experience hasn’t been all sweet. It is not suitable for uneven or rough floors due to its friction-based design. It works best on wood or carpet but can be problematic on wear-resistant brick or antique brick surfaces.

ice cream door stop
sweetest door accessory!

This quirky item boasts strong, durable materials and is suitable for 1-3cm door gaps. It’s slip-resistant and won’t leave a mark on your floor, even when used on heavy industrial doors! 

So, if your hands are full and you need a fun, helpful solution to keep your door open, the Ice Cream Door Stopper might just be your best ally! But beware, it may leave some of your friends and family fooled and craving some real ice cream!

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