Ice Cube Trays

As the summer heat approaches, having a convenient method to make ice cubes is a necessity. That’s where the Icebreaker Pop comes in. These Ice cube trays in sapphire blue will be a game-changer in your ice-making routine! You never have to touch the ice with your hands – not even when serving. Thanks to its ingenious design, you just have to pop it to get your ice cubes out. It’s an efficient and hygienic solution for making ice cubes at home or on the go!

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I came across the ICEBREAKER POP! ice cube trays in Sapphire Blue a while ago. I must say, they have changed my ice-making game! Gone are the days when I struggled with taking out ice cubes from the tray. I can also avoid contaminating my icy cubes with unpleasant odors from the freezer. 

These trays allow you to make and serve ice without ever touching the cubes themselves, and they don’t absorb any bad smells.

Ice cube trays
portable ice storage solution

The design is quite ingenious, allowing for freezing in any orientation. I can easily fit the tray into my small freezer without spilling the water inside it.

The overall process of freezing and serving ice cubes is super simple. I appreciate that one tray can produce up to 54 ice cubes only in 8 hours. With that many cubes, I’ll never run out of ice for my drinks! 

Ice cube trays
perfectly shaped ice cubes every time

I love how easy it is to fill up the tray. It’s just like filling up a regular bottle. And then, I just toss it in the freezer. Once frozen, I can effortlessly pull the straps on the side of this unique tray to break and POP the ice cubes! It’s satisfying to be able to serve perfectly shaped ice cubes every time!

I recently took mine on a picnic, and it served as a fantastic portable ice storage solution. It’s perfect for any outdoor event or just chilling on my terrace. With its airtight and no-spill design, I didn’t have to worry about a mess when traveling with the tray. Moreover, it restricts melting, so I could keep the ice cube longer.

Ice cube trays
Bringing the chill factor to every party


The ICEBREAKER POP! ice trays utilize food-grade ABS, PP, and TPE materials, guaranteeing safe ice production.

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