Archie McPhee Giant Lobster Claw Gloves

Dive into crustacean-style fun and entertain everyone around. You might not be able to type, but you’ll be the life of the party! This set of two lobster claw gloves fits most adult hands, so get ready to claw your way into laughter and attention!

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Ever looked at your hands and thought, “These are great, but what if they were a bit… crustier?”

Well, consider your wish granted! Introducing the giant lobster claw gloves – not just a fashion statement but the transformation you didn’t know you needed. These 14-1/2″ long latex marvels don’t just make you the talk of the town; they add a touch of the deep sea to your everyday landlubber life.

Picking up your morning coffee?

Imagine the barista’s surprise when you reach out with your magnificent lobster mitts. Texting might be a challenge, sure, but who needs texting when you can wave those magnificent claws around, commanding attention and perhaps a touch of envy?

And the best part? You can still kind-of-sort-of grab things, making mundane tasks suddenly an adventurous endeavor.

Now, for anyone pondering if this is the right move—just consider the possibilities. Halloween costumes? Sorted. The need to express your inner marine spirit on a random Tuesday? Done. So why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinarily crustaceous?

So, if you’re ready to dive into a world where your hands are the star of the sea show, grab (with your current boring hands) these lobster claw gloves.

Elevate your hand game and let’s get pinchy!

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