Loop Lasso

Are you looking for a hilarious way to entertain the young and young-at-heart this holiday season? Then y’all better buckle up, because you need to try the Loop Lasso EVO glow-in-the-dark string shooter toy! This little gadget is an absolute riot! It combines physics and technology to shoot a loop of glowing string at over 40+ mph. It can create a levitating effect that will make your jaw drop.

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So, I took this glowing contraption called the Loop Lasso EVO for a spin, and oh boy, what an adventure it was! Imagine a toy that could shoot a loop of glowing string over 40+ mph! It can create a levitating effect that follows your every motion through the air. Sounds fun, right? It is perfect for nighttime shenanigans or spontaneous futuristic cowboy battles.

This bad boy comes equipped with UV-reactive DuraGlow strings, making it light up like a disco at concerts, parties, or whenever you just feel like a burst of color. Plus, the luminous shapes of the string loop will mesmerize your friends – instant cool points! 

Loop Lasso
Lasso your adventure!

I can move my hand and watch the string change shapes, creating wild, illuminated shapes in the air. Just remember, practice makes perfect, and you might need some time to master the art of controlling this mesmerizing little beast.

But wait, there’s more: this pocket-sized light-lasso comes with advanced safety protocols. There is the Smart Power Cutoff, so worries about accidental laser-eye operations! The USB-C fast-charging feature means that it’s always ready for action.

Loop Lasso
Launch into your next adventure

This toy might even have magical powers because I’ve seen kids, teens, and adults alike fall in love with it. It’s got 250 million views online, and let me tell you, that’s no accident. Don’t be the last to join the Loop Lasso EVO party. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, or glowing!

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