Mustard & Ketchup Bottles Prank

Looking for a fun way to prank your friends and family at the next cookout or picnic? Give Loftus International Ketchup & Mustard Bottles prank a try! These bottles look like the real deal, but when squeezed, a red or yellow string shoots out instead of the condiment. It’ll catch everyone off guard, creating hilarious chaos! The string is super easy to put back into the bottle for endless rounds of fun.

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As a practical joke enthusiast, I’m lucky that I recently discovered this Loftus International Ketchup & Mustard Fake Bottles prank! 

This set of condiment containers looks a lot like the real deal. But instead of squirting actual ketchup and mustard, red and yellow strings pop out when you squeeze them! You get to trick people into believing they’ve been squirted with condiments! The way the yarn shoots out from the bottle is very realistic!

Mustard & Ketchup Bottles Prank
loaded with laughter, not sauces!

Ideal for ages 14 and up, these gag gift bottles can spice up any humorous family gathering or event. Although it took me a few tries to create an effective seal with the knot, the reactions I received were simply priceless when I “squirt” my friends and family. 

My kids couldn’t stop laughing as they offered me mustard, only for the string to fly toward me. Even I found it amusing each time. 

Mustard & Ketchup Bottles Prank
Squeeze out some laughs

While the ketchup string is a bit thicker than the mustard, I replaced it with yarn for a smoother “squeeze” experience. My young nephew, who is fond of playing with fake food, had an absolute blast with these bottles, “squirting” ketchup and mustard all over everyone’s pretend meals.

Just be cautious of the tops! They can sometimes pop off if squeezed too firmly. But in the end, these Loftus International condiment bottles are both hilarious and endlessly entertaining. Get ready for laughter and light-hearted mayhem as your unsuspecting victims receive a harmless yet amusing squirt showdown.

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