Pizza Cutter Wheel

If you’re anything like us, you love pizza nights. But dread the fuss that comes with slicing each piece perfectly! Well, let us introduce you to Kitty Cut, the pizza cutter wheel by OTOTO. This adorable pizza cutter is not just easy on the eyes! It actually makes the task of cutting pizzas simpler and enjoyable. The sharp stainless steel blade ensures precise and even slices, so everyone gets their fair share!

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I recently used the Kitty Cut pizza cutter wheel, and it has brought so much fun and character to my pizza nights. 

This adorable cat-themed slicer by OTOTO makes cutting pizza a breeze. The ergonomic handle and sharp stainless steel blade ensure a comfortable grip and precise slices. It is a lovely addition to my pizza tools and quirky kitchen accessories collection!

Pizza Cutter Wheel
precision-cut delight

To use it, you just need to grab the Kitty Cut by its ergonomic handle!  

Position the sharp stainless steel blade at the edge of your pizza pie. Then, apply gentle pressure while rolling the cutter wheel across the pizza. It’ll slice through the crust and toppings all at once.

Since it has a handy storage hook in the form of the kitty’s tail, it’s also easy to store.

Pizza Cutter Wheel
comfortable grip and precise slices

As someone who loves both cats and pizza, I found this gadget to be a delightful and unique gift for myself. It combines two of the best things in the world: a fluffy kitty cat and a slice of pizza!

The quality of the product is impressive, and the cat-shaped handle design adds a quirky twist. Cleaning the Kitty Cut is effortless, thanks to its handy storage hook. If you do get one, please remember it’s hand wash only to keep it in great shape for future pizza parties.

Pizza Cutter Wheel
smooth and easy task

However, I should note that the cutting blade feels thin. Although it works well for slicing thin pizzas, it can be a bit finicky with thicker crusts. 

Nonetheless, the Kitty Cut pizza cutter wheel is a charming tool that adds a sprinkle of fun to pizza nights. It also makes an ideal gift for upcoming Christmas for cat lovers and pizza enthusiasts alike.

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