Plague Doctor Set

Do you love to show off your sense of style in a unique way? Feast your eyes on this Plague Doctor Mask set! It includes the historically authentic beak mask, a cloak, a crucifixion necklace, and a scepter! Now, that’s what we call a conversation starter! After putting on this intriguing costume, you’ll enjoy a mix of historical and theatrical vibes! The set will take you back to a time of plague doctors, fighting against the black death!

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As a fan of anything creepy and historical, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try the Plague Doctor Mask Set! 

Bringing back memories of 17th-century history lessons, this odd yet unique set includes a PU leather bird mask with an intimidating beak as the nose!

Plague Doctor Set
retro-themed horror event

It also provides me with a cloak to cover my shoulders from imaginary fleas. Yes, it was the bubonic plague transmitted by that bloodsucking insect that caused the black death! I also received a crucifixion necklace to ward off pestilence and a scepter imitation! All in all, the set design follows the historical plague doctor closely.

One thing that cracked me up was the way your voice changed when wearing the mask. My muffled voice and scary demeanor were undoubtedly a sight to behold. But, believe it or not, I found the mask comfortable, well-ventilated, and easy to see through. 

Plague Doctor Set
exploring the darker side

It is also adjustable, saving me from constantly fussing over it during my time as a plague doctor. The costume set easily transformed into a 17th-century doctor ready to fight the bubonic plague!

If you plan to become the center of attention at Halloween, this set provides a wickedly delightful experience. It’ll complete your eccentric look, making this set ideal for themed parties or just goofing around (tried and tested by yours truly!).

Plague Doctor Set
mysterious and intriguing affair

Overall, for the price and quality, I couldn’t resist having a little sinister fun with this fantastic gear!

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