Plants and Zombies Toys

Here is a fun and exciting gift for the kiddos who love the Plants versus Zombies game! Meet the Plants and Zombies Toys action figures set! It’s pretty hard not to smile at these vibrant little characters. This hilarious set comes with a bunch of popular characters from the PVZ series, like the irresistibly cute Sunflower and the Conehead Zombie. Plus, the launcher from the Peashooter lets kids recreate epic PVZ battles right in the living rooms!

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Oh boy, these JHESAO action figures had me feeling like a kid again! Featuring your favorite characters from the popular Plants and Zombies game, this 7-piece set truly brings the battle to life. 

With the vibrant Sunflower, the vicious Chomper, and the classic Peashooter, the set follows the original game faithfully! It also includes two iconic Zombie characters, the Buckethead Zombie and the Conehead Zombie. These pieces are fun to collect or play with.

Plants and Zombies Toys
Defend your desk

Each figurine uses eco-friendly PVC and features detailed designs. The sizes range from the 3.9 x 2.5 inches for the Sunflower to the tall and menacing 2 x 5.5 inches Conehead Zombie. 

But wait, there’s more! The set also includes six launchers so you can reenact Peashooter battles against the invading zombies. It is super satisfying to knock them out with some well-aimed shots!

Plants and Zombies Toys
Play room Faceoff

I’d recommend keeping an eye on young kids around those tiny balls, though, to avoid any swallowing mishaps. The JHESAO action figures make a fantastic gift for Plants versus Zombies fans, kids, and even those of us who are kids at heart. Just remember, the plants always win! The action figures are both fun and durable, great for hands-on play or for displaying on a shelf. It’s one affordable playset I recommend!

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