Retro Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker

Are you looking for a quirky, retro-inspired Bluetooth speaker that scores high on both style and functionality? We recently tried out the Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker! It’s a delightful gadget that ticks all those boxes! This adorable speaker boasts a 16×16 LED app-controlled front screen. It lets you create custom pixel art designs or access over 1000+ designs from the community! Enjoy your favorite music in style!

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I must say this Ditoo Speaker has truly been a boredom-buster! It looks so adorable with its pixel art display. I’ve enjoyed creating my custom pixel art designs on the cute little screen. And guess what? There’s a community of designers sharing over 1000 pixel art on the Divoom app that I can use! Never a dull moment with this thing! The 16X16 LED app-controlled front screen has entertained me for hours, and it feels like I’ve 

traveled back to the ’90s! The addition of a mini mechanical keyboard and the joystick significantly level up the design’s retro-ness.

Retro Pixel Art Game
Nostalgic 8-bit design

As a Bluetooth speaker, it’s no slouch either. It rocks a solid 10W DSP speaker, and the pixel art dances along with the equalizer. I’ve never thought I’d call a speaker “kawaii” but here we are. The sound quality? Oh, it’s not the top of the line. However, it’s way better than you’d expect and gets louder than my stomach growling during a diet.

What’s even better is its role as a versatile companion. It’s perfect for streaming soothing tunes for my Spotify playlist. It can also act as a smart alarm with built-in white noise and even notifying me about social media updates! I can also plug it in as a bedside table clock.

Retro Pixel Art Game
Compact, vibrant, and full of character

All in all, the Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker makes a fantastic, unique, and practical gift for someone special, or even better, for yourself! Just remember, if you get addicted to pixel art, I warned you!

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