Teeth Brush Timer

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach your children good hygiene habits? We recommend that you try the SOARING Teeth Brush Timer for your kids. It’s a fantastic tool to ensure they brush their teeth for a full two minutes and wash their hands for 20 seconds. This cute gadget is both compact and colorful. It’s an attractive addition to any bathroom that will captivate the little ones!

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As a parent, I’ve always found it challenging to teach my kids good habits like hand washing and teeth brushing. But, let me tell you, the SOARING Teeth Brush Timer has made an incredible difference in our household!

This little gadget features a 20-second hand washing timer and a 2-minute teeth brushing timer. It also comes with easy-to-understand LED indicator lights that even kids can interpret.

Teeth Brush Timer
better dental health

One aspect I love about this timer is its clever design. It includes three user-friendly buttons: one for teeth brushing, another for hand washing, and a reset button. 

To start the teeth brushing timer, press the button with the toothbrush icon. A green light indicates that it’s time to brush. After 2 minutes, the timer will emit a red light to signal the end of brushing time. 

Teeth Brush Timer
keeps my brushing perfectly timed

Similarly, for the handwashing timer, press the button with the water drop icon. The green light will illuminate for 20 seconds, after which a red light signals the end.

My kids can’t wait to fiddle with this gadget. It teaches kids good habits, and you can even use it for fun games to engage them more!

Teeth Brush Timer
deserve the best care

Installing and carrying the SOARING Timer couldn’t be easier. With the built-in hook and loop tape, suction cup, and compact size, my children can take it with them even when we’re traveling. The fact that it operates on 3AAA batteries ensures that it’s always ready for use.

I must admit, the SOARING Timer for Kids has been a valuable addition to our family. It has transformed our daily routines and taught us discipline. It has successfully instilled essential habits in my kids, all whilst making it an enjoyable experience!

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