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Rapid Whale Mini Boats

Do you remember bumper cars? Those small cartoonish cars that were so fun to ride and bump into fellow ”drivers”.

These Rapid Whale Mini Boats will bring back that sincere feeling of joy while giving you the satisfaction of showing off your DIY mastery. No bumping necessary.

Even as an adult you have to admit that there is a certain charm to vehicles that are smaller than you expect.

Same goes for these Rapid Whale Mini Boats that are only 6 feet long but prove to be even more fun than any full-sized boat. 

Rapid Whale Mini Boats

Each of these small boats weighs 67 pounds and can be easily carried to the water. They are just big enough to fit in a grown adult and can hold up to 200 pounds of weight.

Rapid Whale Mini Boats

The mini boats are powered by electric trolling motors. Although it gives you the top speed of 4 mph, it is completely enough to enjoy the sense of nostalgia and giddiness. 

Rapid Whale Mini Boats

The mini boats are sold as kits, ready for assembly with your own two hands. There are still some parts you’d need to acquire yourself (like the motor) but the main parts and instructions are there.

Rapid Whale Mini Boats

If you’re an advanced DIY-er, you can buy only the plans for the boat and build it yourself from the ground up.

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