Red Fox Slippers 

Picture yourself sitting by the fire on a wintry evening wearing these fun Red Fox Slippers.

That has got to be the epitome of comfort. They comprise 100% pure wool and every grain spells relaxation. 

The vibrant colors and fox design, complete with a paw, adds originality to the concept.

The beady eyes are a whimsical aspect injecting personality into the idea. Craft foam defines the sole ensuring comfort from every angle. 

Red Fox Slippers

Felt slippers give your feet the opportunity to enjoy true freedom. It feels as if you are not wearing anything yet they caress the worries out of tired limbs.

Regardless of the weather, this material regulates body temperature. 

Red Fox Slippers

They won’t make you sweat even in hot summer thanks to their insulation properties. They are also breathable and water resistant.

They are lightweight and flexible, taking the shape of your foot to maximize on cosiness.

Once you slip these fuzzy slippers on, you might never want out of them.

Red Fox Slippers

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