Reindeer Dog Hat

Acquaint yourself with the reindeer dog hat! These cute hand-knitted dog hats are made from wool and acrylic, will keep your best friend nice and warm around the head and neck whilst making them look absolutely adorable at the same time!

These custom made dog snoods are designed in a way that it covers the head, neck and ears of your dog, they are available in vairous sizes and colours, and are custom made to fit pretty much any breed of dog.

The reindeer hats are knitted in a variety of models, yet you may request a model especially to be made for you.

You can also request to mix and match the colouring of the antlers or ears to suit you or your dogs requirements. Get your best friend a Reinder dog hat today and let them become the leader of the pack like Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Reindeer Dog Hat


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