Sandblaster Bait Caster

When catching big fish, you need big tools. Like a cannon. This Sandblaster Bait Caster can shoot your bait 300 yards into the ocean allowing you to fish right from the shore.

This stainless steel contraption launches the moulded bait using a DC air compressor. The patented caster comes with 6 bait moulds with 6-pack holders.

The process behind the rocket launching of your bait into the ocean is fairly simple.

Hook the bait to the fishing line (better make sure the spool can handle the 300 yards distance). 

Sandblaster Bait Caster

Next, drop it down the tube although it might require some nudging. Angle the caster in the direction you want it to go and pull the trigger. Now, you’ve tapped into the challenging waters of surf fishing like a pro.

Sandblaster Bait Caster

You can get the Sandblaster itself or treat yourself and get it combined with a wheel base. The wheels will make it easier moving around the beach for sure. Plus, it has a place for mounting a cooler, additional air tanks, and 4 fishing rods. Go big or go home. 

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