The Seabreacher is probably the most fun, adrenaline-inducing, and stylish boat/Submarine you can find.

Yes, those words should never be thrown into the wind, but the second you see Seabreacher in action you will have to agree with us. This boat is absolutely bonkers.

Actually,  Seabreacher is not exactly a boat. To be more specific, it’s a high-performance, semi-submersible watercraft that can jump out of the water and give you the thrill of your life. It can dive up to 5 feet under water and then propel itself for 20 feet upwards. 


A retractable snorkel feature also allows you to do barrel rolls in the water. No matter what you do, the boat is always buoyant and is capable of righting itself after every trick. Seabreacher can go as fast as 60 mph on water, and 25 mph under it.


Despite its impressive performance and a genius concept, one of the boat’s most attractive qualities is its looks. The sleek form of the vessel can make you be easily mistaken for a shark, whale, or some form of a sea monster.

You can order a custom paint job and let your imagination roam free. Just take a look at some original designs that have already graced the Seabreacher.


If you want a fun fast alternative to your regular boat that will bring you a bigger thrill than a rollercoaster, Seabreacher is the way to go for you.  


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