Skysaver Self-Rescue Backpack

Superheroes can be quite the drama queens. Crying loudly, wearing capes, or doing the superhero landings when jumping out of tall buildings. The last one is just bad for the knees.

Although incredible against-the-odds jumps can result in beautiful cinematography, normal people can hurt much more than just their knees.

But in dire situations like fires or natural disasters, the only way is through a window. You might think of it as a fatal choice but it’s not anymore. Not if you have the Skysaver self-rescue backpack. 

Skysaver Self-Rescue Backpack

Skysaver allows you to escape tall buildings in case of an emergency, by yourself and completely safe. Although it might look like an ordinary but sturdy backpack it actually consists out of two parts – a backpack and a built-in controlled descent device.

The backpack is made out of high-quality durable materials with padded straps and harness that ensure your safety and comfort. The buckles were designed to withstand high loads and get you to the ground without a problem. But as good as this backpack sounds it is a sidekick to the true hero of this self-rescue device.

Skysaver Self-Rescue Backpack

Controlled descent device (CDD) is what stands behind your safe descent to the ground. The technology behind CDD gets you securely to the ground without any assistance or input from you.

The weight capacity of Skysaver is 264lbs (120 kg) and has an adjustable size. It can deliver you to the ground from buildings up to 260 feet (80m) high.

Skysaver Self-Rescue Backpack

How exactly does the Skysaver work? It is quite easy to operate which is a big advantage since in emergency situations every second counts.

All you have to do is put it on and secure the buckles and straps, attach the carabiner to a pre-installed hook near the edge of the window, and exit. After that let the gravity and CDD do their job. 

Skysaver Self-Rescue Backpack

You can never be too careful. Superheroes can afford that but we don’t. That’s why we have fire extinguishers and first aid kits in our houses. Skysaver is a self-rescue backpack that needs to join those items in your emergency stash

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