Slidenjoy Portable Dual Triple Monitor

If you’re looking for a portable dual (or even triple) monitor for your laptop or desktop, Slidenjoy Portable Dual Triple Monitor has got you covered.

Inventive people and companies never cease to amaze us with the coolest laptop accessories they come up with.

You might have thought that getting yourself a dual or triple monitor for a desktop or laptop would keep you tied to one place. That’s not the case anymore.

The use of this portable monitor is easy. As in “click, connect, enjoy” easy. Not only can you attach it to your display like a magnet, the additional slide-out monitors can be rotated to allow you a 360º sharing experience.

 Instead of rotating your whole laptop to show what’s on your display to someone in front of you, now you can simply rotate the extendable screen. 

Slidenjoy Portable Dual Triple Monitor

The Slidenjoy portable screens are built to fit computers and laptops of different brands and sizes and are available for both Mac and PC. As of now, it’s available in three sizes: 13″, 15″, and 17″. To bring it to life, you only have to stick it to the back of your computer and connect it to it through a simple USB cable.

Slidenjoy Portable Dual Triple Monitor

The “sticking” is possible thanks to included four adhesive pads. But you can also opt in for a magnetic case that will keep this portable monitor in place. Even without it, the monitor can stand on its own.

Slidenjoy Portable Dual Triple Monitor

This is the coolest gadget for anyone who relies on good-quality monitors and high-level details while working on a laptop or desktop. Graphic designers, video editors, photographers, gamers, you name it. It’s just awesome, plain and simple. 

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